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Montana Licensing Information

In Montana we are regulated by the Department of Labor and Industry, Montana Board of Alternative Health Care. You can access information about the Board of Alternative Health Care from this site.

Link to Naturopathic Formulary List

Members of the Board: There are six Board members appointed by the Governor with Senate confirmation. Members serve 4 year terms. Current members are located on the Montana website listed above.

If you need to contact the board:

301 South Park, 4th Floor, P.O. Box 200513, Helena, MT 59620-0513
Fax: (406) 841-2305

Board Office Contact:
Cheryl Brandt, Program Manager, Telephone: (406) 841-2394

Continuing Education Requirements

As of October 23, 2004 Montana State requires that naturopathic physicians maintain 15 total CE credits including 5 pharmacy CE per year.   An additional 5 CE credits in obstetrics is required if your license has a childbirth specialty certificate. The year begins on May 1. It is your responsibility to keep abreast of any changes and updates to Montana State laws and licensing requirements.

Montana Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Jeff Roush, ND - President

Joanna Dove, ND - MANP Administrative Manager
PO Box 770 • Helena, MT 59624
• Phone: 877-728-4777 • Fax: 406-457-8265